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Key to Vietnam’s economic transformation after Covid-19

As Vietnam battles another wave of Covid-19, accelerating the pace of reforms, upgrading workforce skills and infrastructure will strengthen the private sector to help the country recover from the pandemic and unlock its potential, according to a new World Bank Group report.

Corruption and poverty remain great concerns for Vietnamese

Vietnamese citizens are more satisfied with public services but concerned about the environment, poverty and corruption, revealed in 2018 PAPI report.

Stock indexes
1,239.52 11.15 0.91
Volume: 448,243,065 Value: 10,635 (Billions VNĐ)
311.99 -3.45 -1.09
Volume: 66,038,885 Value: 1,465 (Billions VNĐ)
94.71 -1.18 -1.23
Volume: 27,776,457 Value: 498 (Billions VNĐ)
1,284.96 5.41 0.42
Volume: 126,571,100 Value: 4,319 (Billions VNĐ)