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Textile industry crying foul of exchange rate turbulence

Currency and interest rate fluctuations have had a detrimental impact on garment and textile exports.

HSBC warns of real estate risks

HSBC expects rising housing prices to constrain the SBV’s ability to deliver any further rate cuts.

World Bank approves $125-million support to Ho Chi Minh City

The credit facility aims to remove institutional bottlenecks to enable Vietnam’s largest city and economic powerhouse to address some of its most pressing urban governance challenges.

Taiwanese bank arranges syndicated loan for SSI

Vietnam's largest securities company has secured a $55-million loan from six foreign banks.

Credit growth in 2017 estimated to reach 17 per cent

Credit growth in 2017 reaches 16.96 per cent; meanwhile, the total means of payment and capital mobilization of credit institutions increase by over 14 per cent, according to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO).

Banks expect credit growth of only 17% in 2017, lagging behind the target

This is the result of the survey on business trends of credit institutions recently conducted by the State Bank of Vietnam.

High-tech agriculture project copes with hindrances of capital flow worth billions of dollars

Nearly VND33 trillion (roughly US$4.4 trillion) of loans for hi-tech agriculture have been disbursed, but the greatest obstacle hindering this capital flow has also surfaced.

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