Coteccons tops out the tallest skyscraper in Vietnam

By Ha Linh - Mar 12, 2018 | 08:24 AM GMT+7

TheLEADEROn March 9, Coteccons officially topped out Landmark 81 - Vietnam's tallest tower 45 days ahead of schedule.

Coteccons tops out the tallest skyscraper in Vietnam
The Landmark 81 tower is one of the 10 tallest towers in the world.

With a height of 461.2 meters, Landmark 81 overtakes the Petronas twin towers of Malaysia and becomes one of the 10 tallest towers in the world.

This is a complex project with a total floor area of 115,000m2 and basement area of 90,000m2, focusing on upper-class customers and meeting the important trade needs of the country and in the region. Landmark 81 includes functional spaces such as hotels, serviced apartments, commercial officetels, shopping centre and restaurants, bar and observation deck.

Coteccons is the first local firm that has been selected as the general contractor of a skyscraper. Cotteccons has overtaken many strong competitors including big foreign contractors to win the project.

At the Landmark 81 project, Coteccons is the general contractor for the construction of the most important items including piles, basement, upper parts and basic finishing with technical support of experts from Japan-based Obayashi Corporation.

Coteccons successfully completed the foundation construction on the area of 3,000 square meters and thickness of 8.4 metres with over 17,000 cubic metres of concrete and around 5,000 tons of steel used. This foundation framework is considered to have the greatest scale in Vietnam up to now and to rank second in the world.

Coteccons said that it has used the most modern construction equipment and technologies such as Kum Kang sliding formwork system from Korea, the Peri system from German, a sliding tower crane from France.

In addition, the biggest difficulties in this project are the continuous changes in design drawings in order to be consistent with the tower’s performance as well as the pressure of executing the "super-high rise" project to ensure the construction progress of a floor in three days.

The average construction speed of Coteccons is 2-3 days per floor and in particular, for some floors, it took only 36 hours to complete.

To the date, Coteccons has completed construction of the crown base of the tower, 45 days ahead of schedule for all the structural works of the project.

On the crown base, Coteccons will install a steel body (spire) with a height of 60.8m, raising the total height of the Landmark 81 tower to 461.2m. The installation is expected to be completed within one month.

View of the Landmark 81 tower topping-out ceremony at a height of over 400 meters

Nguyen Ba Duong, Chairman of Coteccons stated that the topping out of Landmark 81 makes Coteccons become the first Vietnamese contractor listed in the top 50 construction companies in the world capable of executing super-high rise projects of over 300 metres height.