Check-in points at Sun World Ba Na Hills

By Phuong Anh - Apr 19, 2023 | 08:50 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERSun World Ba Na Hills, as attractive and classy as "Disneyland" in Vietnam, will bring tourists lost in endless joy this summer with a series of festivals, exciting events, fascinating events, and world-class works of unique international stature.

Check-in points at Sun World Ba Na Hills

Check-in to the surreal world

With its sunny weather, summer will be an occasion for tourists to enjoy pleasant weather, and people who enjoy travelling should not miss this opportunity to explore and have fun at Ba Na Hills - the world's leading theme park in Vietnam.

By stepping through the beautiful Time Gate like in mythical movies, Sun World Ba Na Hills will lead tourists away from the pressure and stress of reality and into the magical, surreal world. It is the land of unique works with a series of interesting stories, giving you unforgettable emotions from a trip full of experiences.

Coming to Ba Na Hills, tourists will be able to touch the legendary Golden Bridge, which every tourist in the world would like to visit at least once. Every moment of the day, every season of the year, the bridge is like a silk strip across the middle of the mountain, bringing a very different beauty. Whether it's sunny or dry or when it's misty and magical, the bridge offers quality photos and unforgettable experiences for tourists.

In addition to the famous bridge, tourists can now explore other new high-class works of Sun World Ba Na Hills. It is the Helios Waterfall - a work with over 40 statues crafted by the world-famous sculptor Frill family, a symbol of the "Roman treasures" existing exclusively on the S-shaped land.

If you love the magical fairy world, you can hardly ignore the ancient and surreal Lunar Castle, a place where your imagination and childhood adventure dreams come true. Especially at Lunar Castle, tourists can let their imaginations and senses soar when exploring the virtual world through world-leading technologies at two cinemas: the "Flying Eye" airship theatre and the "Lunar Intersection" movie theatre.

If someone hasn't visited Ba Na for a long time, they probably don't know that this wonderland has a new check-in point, which has ruled the roost in the travel world since its debut. That is Eclipse Square - the road connecting the beautiful Sun Kingdom and the mysterious Moon Kingdom.

People thought it was a convenient way to travel between the two kingdoms. Still, Eclipse Square is an enchanting check-in point with its distinctive architecture, statue garden with 20 sculptures of goddesses from ancient Greek mythology, and the blue glass tower in the middle of the square, making the space here like a corner of the Louvre museum of France.

Check-in points at Sun World Ba Na Hills
Check-in points at Sun World Ba Na Hills 1

Going for a walk to the festival area

The beginning of the endless series of festivals in the fairyland this year is the Happy Songkran Thailand Festival, which takes place from April 14th to April 16th. There is no need to waste time going to Thailand far away; right now, in Đà Nẵng, tourists will have the opportunity to check in and tune in with the jubilant atmosphere, where happy dances resound, where the "ceremony" Happy Songkran will wipe out all worries; take you to dramatic water "fights"; refresh and fully enjoy the cultural and culinary flavours of the land of the Golden Temple.

Visit Ba Na from April 30 until the end of August. You will enjoy the jubilant atmosphere of one of Ba Na's favourite traditional festivals for many years – B'estival Food and Beer Festival. B'estival will take tourists through endless levels of emotions with the cool taste of brewer's yeast, wandering among the bustling melodies of music, wandering through the charming European cuisine flavours or unleashing your emotions with challenging contests to find out who will become the Beer King, Food King, etc.

In addition, no matter what time you come to Sun World Ba Na Hills, tourists can still have endless fun with a series of attractive shows and mini-shows.

In addition to the mini show-themed "Solar and Lunar dance" at 13:15 and 14:15 on weekdays (except Tuesday) lasting until the end of April 30th. Sun World Ba Na Hills also continuously has attractive art performances and mini-shows at many points throughout the tourist area. With the participation of more than 150 international artists, in any corner of Ba Na, tourists are constantly treated to attractive art performances such as the theme animation "Chasing the Sun", juggling, stilts, street magic, street clowns, etc., continuous from 10 am to 4 pm daily.

From June to August 2023, the tourist area will perform an all-new themed show at Noel Square and a parade, "The Giant Awakens", at Eclipse Square to serve tourists.

Check-in points at Sun World Ba Na Hills 2

Refreshing emotions with “Ba Na By Night”

When night falls, Ba Na transforms into a land full of mysteries, with magnificent and romantic beauty. It will be a mistake to miss the opportunity to admire and enjoy a haughty Ba Na at night, with vibrant parties and bustle from art performances.

The chill of the night urges us to "get closer together", enjoy the flavours of the multi-national buffet, clink glasses in joy and then become amorous again through passionate dances and music.

That is why Sun World Ba Na Hills is launching a Ba Na By Night party experience combo program with lots of offers from 3pm to 10pm from April 28 to September 30. The combo package includes a free shuttle bus from Đà Nẵng Center to Ba Na and vice versa, a round-trip cable car ticket, a buffet dinner at Beer Plaza, entertainment programs, special art performances, etc.

Even if you've been to Ba Na dozens of times, the uniqueness of each discovery route, fascinating experiences in the surreal world, festivals and art parties at Ba Na Hills, and so on, will be new emotions and new experiences every time you visit.

Check-in points at Sun World Ba Na Hills 3