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Tough competition threatens solid position of Eurowindow in plastic door market

Tough competition threatens solid position of Eurowindow in plastic door market

The leading manufacturer of plastic doors with reinforced steel Eurowindow JSC is coping with tough competition from its rivals with foreign imported products and its market share is likely to be endangered.

GDP growth target in reluctance

Imposing targets for each ministry can pose some negative impacts on the economy, as it does not create any motivation for the development of economic sectors.

Seafood export increased sharply in the first half of 2017

Squid and octopus saw the strongest growth of 54%, contributing to offsetting the export deficit of other staples.

IMF forecasts Vietnam's GDP at 6.3% in 2017

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecasted Viet Nam’s economic growth at 6.3 per cent in 2017 against the Government’s 6.7 per cent target, but noted that ambitious reforms could raise the country’s growth potential.

28 business deals worth over 1.5 billion euros signed

The Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc's visit to Germany, wrapped up on July 8, has knocked up favourable business opportunities worth billions of euros to profit Vietnam.

Southern Vietnam attracts major FDI

Besides HCM City, its next-door provinces Binh Duong and Dong Nai have also attracted large amounts of foreign direct investment in the first half of this year

Is vietnam the promised land for start-up companies?

“Creative startups” is certainly a shortcut to robust economic growth for any countries. The supportive attitude for start-up companies rapidly prevails across Vietnam, as numerous policies and campaigns aiding start-up companies have been framed and implemented. However, apart from that attitude, decisive actions should be promptly taken to actually turn Vietnam into the Promised Land for start-up enterprises.

Private business faces challenge to borrow loans

With the fact that the state budget is facing many difficulties, Vietnam will be no longer receive preferential ODA funds from July 2017, foreign investors also reduce capital flows, encouraging investment from the private sector is promoted. The development of the private sector is a "survival" challenge for Vietnam in the near future.

It is necessary to connect many resources to develop the private economy

The General Department of Statistics figures show that small and medium enterprises currently account for more than 97% of total operating enterprises, contributing about 40% of GDP, 31% of exports, 29% of state budget and create jobs for more than 5 million labours. However, the reality that small and medium enterprises "died prematurely", has revealed many limitations in management capacity, lack of capital, small and insufficient competition ... in the process of integration.

Vietnamese retail market: Uncompromising competition

Recently, “giant retailer" 7-Eleven officially opened its first store in Ho Chi Minh City, forecasting that the Vietnamese retail market will continue to have fierce competition in the future.

Vietnamese enterprises in the storm of merger and acquisition

Although many policymakers and economists have offered solutions to oppose against the “storm” of M&A acquisitions, many companies are struggling even in the home market. Domestic brands use a variety of solutions, such as changing business strategies, making long-term competition in the market, etc., but the majorities acknowledge that branding is difficult while protection and development of local brands is becoming more difficult, nearly alone in the fight against the “storm” of M & A.

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