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Hundreds of thousands of households fall into poverty due to health self-pay

Vietnamese people now must pay for about 40 per cent of health services, a very high rate, causing about 700-800 thousand households to fall into poverty each year, according to a senior Oxfam expert.

MoF proposed to delay plan of value added tax increase up to 12 per cent

Due to strong opposition against the proposal on raising value added tax (VAT), the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has recently proposed to delay the VAT increase to 11 per cent until from January 01, 2019 and to 12 per cent until January 01, 2020.

Dr Vo Tri Thanh: Four constraints for long-term economic growth

According to Dr Vo Tri Thanh, the greatest concern now is how to reach the target of 6.7% as the short-term growth target of 2017 while not breaking the commitments for long-term growth.

Dr Nguyen Duc Thanh: No society can thrive with a heavy taxation burden

According to Dr Nguyen Duc Thanh, raising taxes is not a sustainable solution, as no society can thrive while shouldering a heavy taxation burden. It will slowly shrink.

VAT tax on land use rights to make the real estate market dark and be in danger

Nguyen Manh Ha, vice chairman of the Vietnam National Real Estate Asociation (VnREA) said that the proposal of imposing VAT on land use rights of the Ministry of Finance will make the real estate market in danger.

The reasons for raising taxes imposed on beverages are not convincing

If the Ministry of Finance (MoF)’s draft law, which amends and supplements five tax laws is adopted, it will have serious impacts on beverage producers.

Economist Pham Chi Lan: Raising VAT – For whom?

The VAT increase proposed by the Ministry of Finance prompt me to the question: For whom? In a country where the State affirms that it is "of the people, by the people, for the people", raising VAT is eventually for whom?

Dr Ngo Tri Long: "Reasons put forward to rise VAT remain unconvincible"

According to Associate Professor, Dr Ngo Tri Long, former head of Price and Market Research Institute under the Ministry of Finance, reasons put forward by the Ministry to increase value added tax (VAT) are inappropriate and unconvincible.

VAT increase may hike up real estate prices impacting tremendously businesses

The proposal for the two-percent VAT increase from January 1st, 2019 of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) may lead to a rise in real estate prices, which tremendously affects the economy, businesses and the daily life of the people.

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