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Mekong Enterprise Fund II completes final divestment in Mobile World with a 57x return

Mekong Enterprise Fund II (MEF II) managed by Mekong Capital has divested 100 per cent of its investment in Mobile World Investment Corporation (Mobile World) resulting in a gross return of 57 times after the 10.5-year investment period.

Mobile World to spend additional US$1.8 million to "swallow up" Tran Anh

Mobile World Investment Corporation (stock code: MWG) is planning ahead to purchase all the remaining shares of minority shareholders to raise its control in Tran Anh Digital World JSC (stock code: TAG) to 100 per cent.

Competition Agency authorizes Mobile World acquisition of Tran Anh

The Division of Competition and Consumer Protection (under Ministry of Industry and Trade) has just announced its approval of Mobile World JSC (Mobile World)’s acquisition of Tran Anh Digital World JSC (Tran Anh) despite some concerns it would reduce the number of competitors in the retail market for IT products.

Mobile World obtains US$50 million in first bond issuance, guaranteed by CGIF

Mobile World Investment Corporation (Mobile World), the leading retail group of diversified product categories including mobile phones and consumer electronics, has successfully issued its inaugural fixed rate bonds of VND1,135 billion (US$50.02 million), guaranteed by Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility (“CGIF”), a trust fund of Asian Development Bank.

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