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SSC imposes administrative sanctions on numerous companies

The State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC) has issued decisions to sanction a number of companies due to their violations in the securities sector.

SSC wants to tighten margin lending ratio

Due to the recent rapid growth of the stock market, the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC) has taken steps to control the flow of loans into the stock market.

Mobile World to spend additional US$1.8 million to "swallow up" Tran Anh

Mobile World Investment Corporation (stock code: MWG) is planning ahead to purchase all the remaining shares of minority shareholders to raise its control in Tran Anh Digital World JSC (stock code: TAG) to 100 per cent.

Four securities-related offences will be prosecuted from January 01, 2018

From January 01, 2018, four securities-related offences will be prosecuted, namely, deliberate publishing of false information or concealment of information in securities activities, use of internal information to deals in securities, cornering the stock market and commitment of frauds in insurance business.

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