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Mekong Capital invests in Pizza 4P’s

Pizza 4P’s is Mekong Enterprise Fund III’s ninth investee company.

Mekong Capital bankrolls Vietnam’s largest pharmacy retail chain

Although the detail of the offer has yet to be revealed, it can be estimated from the previous deals that the offer may cost from $8 million to $15 million.

Mekong Capital completes 26 exits of private equity investments

Mekong Capital has become one of the first private equity funds in Asia to have fully divested three funds.

Vietnam's largest mattress distributor accelerates its store expansion

Upon the completion of the investment of Mekong Capital in mattress and bedding solution provider Vua Nem Joint Stock Company through Mekong Enterprise Fund III, Vua Nem has continuously opened new stores across the country, aiming to have 200 stores in the next two years.

F88 boosts pawnbroker chain service in Vietnam

Though pawn services seem to be naive, the emergence of F88 pawnbroker system is proving signals about the fertile market which is drawing big concerns of investors.

Mekong Capital pours investment into Vietnam's largest mattress distributor

Although the investment value has not been disclosed yet, the Mekong Enterprise Fund III, a subsidiary of Mekong Capital, typically targets investments ranging from $8 to $15 million to make both minority and buy-out investments.

Mekong Enterprise Fund II completes final divestment in Mobile World with a 57x return

Mekong Enterprise Fund II (MEF II) managed by Mekong Capital has divested 100 per cent of its investment in Mobile World Investment Corporation (Mobile World) resulting in a gross return of 57 times after the 10.5-year investment period.

Vietnam Azalea Fund completed full divestment from Traphaco JSC attaining US$64.5 million

Mekong Capital just announced that the Vietnam Azalea Fund (VAF) successfully divested its 24.99 per cent stake in Traphaco JSC at VND141,500 (US$8.22) per share.

Mekong Capital plans to sell 25% stake at Traphaco to a Korean pharmaceutical company

After 10 years, the investment fund of Mekong Capital, a Vietnam-focused private equity firm, has gradually divested itself of investments, especially with the plan to sell 25% stake worth US$S52 million at Traphaco, top 10 prestigious pharmaceutical company of Vietnam, to a pharmaceutical company of South Korea.

Mekong Capital divesting from Loc Troi after 9 years

According to Deal Street Asia, Mekong Capital's VAF Fund has sold 75% of its investment in Loc Troi Group to earn US$9.2 million.

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