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Affordable housing segment forecasted to dominate real estate market in 2018

The Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA) forecasted that in 2018, the demand for housing worth under VND1.5 billion (roughly US$66,181) would continue to increase.

Commercial banks apply an interest rate of five percent on subsidized loans for home purchasers in early 2018

The interest rate of 5 per cent p.a. is applicable by commercial banks in 2018 on subsidized loans outstanding for home purchasers from January 01, 2018, a move aimed at enabling favorable policies to connect lenders and borrowers in housing sector.

Nguyen Van Duc: "I oppose the officetel model"

"This officetel model has not been licensed and greatly affected the construction infrastructure as well as social infrastructure of the projects in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country in general."

HoREA proposes to alter the mechanism of calculating the land use levy

Two options of modifying the calculating method of the land use levy were proposed with a view to lifting the burden on businesses and consumers as well as increasing the transparency in the market.

House, land: Unpredictable consequences behind the "virtual fever"

The spiral of "virtual land fever" in Ho Chi Minh City is "sweeping" on a large scale. If not being cautious, citizens and investors are swept into the spiral that causes severe financial losses and unpredictable impacts on the real estate market.

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