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Banks increasingly tighten capital inflows into real estate sector

Investors and homebuyers are enduring several adversities with increase in interest rate of loans due to the fact that banks become more cautious in real estate lending.

Coteccons targets merger to reach $3 billion revenue

In the context of a decelerating revenue, the mergers of related companies and the shift to larger value-added businesses may be the potential drivers contributing to Coteccons’ growth in the medium term.

Stock indexes
902.3 0.41 0.05
Volume: 141,000,000 Value: 3,880 (Billions VNĐ)
101.56 -0.37 -0.36
Volume: 26,000,000 Value: 332 (Billions VNĐ)
53.26 -0.03 -0.06
Volume: 6,000,000 Value: 136 (Billions VNĐ)
854.79 1.45 0.17
Volume: 28,000,000 Value: 886 (Billions VNĐ)