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U.S. commits to linking Vietnamese SMEs to global chain

World class U.S. companies including Microsoft, Cisco, FedEx, Coca-Cola, and Visa are promoting the integration of Vietnam’s leading small and medium sized enterprises into the global supply chain.

Joining global supply chain still challenges Vietnameses firms

Lack of management capacity from broad strategies to specific plans is the main factor that has hindered Vietnamese enterprises in joining the global supply chain, according to international experts.

How can Vietnam's auto industry participate in the global supply chain?

According to Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), the priority is to increase the size of the market to ensure that the car industry will be maintained in the future.

The impacts of 4.0 Revolution on Vietnam from the perspective of VBF 2017

The digitalization of production and service delivery will certainly pose a wide range consequences on the way we work in such a high - speed economic integration process.

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