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Casino service in SEZs is drafted to enjoy special consumption tax of 15 percent

On May 23, the draft Law on Special Administrative and Economic Zones was discussed by the National Assembly, in which the casino business service in the Units is expected to enjoy a special consumption tax incentive of 15 percent for the first ten years if approved.

MoF is strong-willed to increase the excise tax on various kinds of items

Ministry of Finance (MoF) is still determined upon its proposal to raise excise taxes on some items such as soft drinks, tobacco despite many objections raised by the ministries.

AmCham Chairperson: "Vietnam should find more effective solution instead of banning'’

The ability of determining strengths and priorities that Vietnam economy has had is outstanding compared to other countries; However, when it comes to policy enforcement, there is array of problems including lack of transparency, loose and overlapping legal framework.

Proposal on imposition of excise tax on soft drinks needs to be reconsidered?

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) proposed that the imposition of excise tax on soft drinks should be postponed until there is a comprehensive study which presents fully the effectiveness of excise tax imposition on obesity reduction in Vietnam.

Excise tax increase: A pickup truck priced at US$44,000 may be added US$23,800

Although car import tax will be reduced, the excise tax is proposed to be highly raised, impeding the free international trade.

The reasons for raising taxes imposed on beverages are not convincing

If the Ministry of Finance (MoF)’s draft law, which amends and supplements five tax laws is adopted, it will have serious impacts on beverage producers.

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