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BT projects create loopholes for investors to attain enormous benefit

Economists said that with the current practice, instead of benefiting the urban infrastructure, build-transfer projects benefit investors the most.

Hongkong Land cooperates with CII to develop US$400 million apartment project in Thu Thiem

Hongkong Land has surpassed many other foreign investors to become Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment JSC (CII)’s partner to develop a 1,140 apartment project.

Van Phu – Invest accumulates huge land funds before share listing

Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company (VPI) has accumulated 236 hectares of land for development, including prime locations in the center of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to target robust strategies next year.

HCMC suspends all BT projects under negotiation

The implementation of BT projects must be transparent, compliant with the law, and use the State’s resources efficiently, in addition to creating favorable conditions for investors, according to a high-profile official.

Dr Le Dang Doanh: "BOT is being turned into slices of the pie for interest groups"

The arbitrary implementation of the projects without strict supervision and clear legal framework has turned build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects into slices of the pie for interest groups,” the economist Dr Le Dang Doanh said.

Hanoi authority identified as citer of violations in BT and BOT projects

Numerous violations were detected in many Build - Transfer (BT) and Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT) transport and environmental projects in Hanoi, according to a conclusion just released by the Government Inspectorate.

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