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No Fortuner sold, sales of Toyota plummet

The total number of imported automobiles handed over to customers reduced by up to 45 per cent in the first seven months of this year, compared to the same period of last year.

Sales of Thaco increased twofold Toyota Vietnam's in April

Truong Hai Automobile, a local automobile manufacturer, continued to lead the Vietnam automobile market in April 2018 with its sales being over twice the figure for Toyota Vietnam.

Japan, US, Thailand leading import markets of Vietnam's automotive parts, accessories and other means of vehicles

Vietnam is increasing its exports of automotive parts, accessories and other means of vehicles to many countries, notably some countries with developed automobile industry such as the United States, Japan and Thailand.

Korean car maker Ssangyong announces plans to assemble cars in Vietnam

Besides returning to Vietnam’s market through its exclusive distributor, Ssangyong Motor Company also plans to assemble cars in Vietnam for the purposes of lowering prices and increasing competitiveness vis-à-vis CBU (completely built-up) cars imported from ASEAN countries.

Competition in automobile market fiercer than ever

The auto market in Viet Nam is becoming more competitive when car firms drop prices to promote consumption in the context of ASEAN’s new tariff cut and the government’s tax policy changes.

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