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Decree 15 on food safety would save 10,000 labour days and about US$440 million, wouldn't it?

PhD. Vu Tien Loc, President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP on food safety would save 10,000 labour days and about US$440 million.

MoF agrees not to tax land use rights transfer

Having encountered quite fierce protests from many organizations about the proposal to impose value added tax (VAT) on the transfer of land use rights, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) confirmed that it would not impose the tax.

VCCI President Vu Tien Loc: High time for Vietnamese entrepreneurs to reach global standards

"Business scale is less worrisome now. The main issue is whether they live up to the global standards."

VCCI's Chairman Vu Tien Loc: 'Vietnam has become a successful model of economic reforms'

That is his opinion at the press conference held by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to update its preparations for enterprise events during APEC 2017.

“Unofficial costs” counted as being higher than loan interest rates annoying businesses

Both official and unofficial costs are becoming a burden for thousands of enterprises.

2018 minimum wage closed 6.5 per cent rise deals with claims

Having experienced many debated sessions, the Viet Nam’s National Wage Council (NWC) reaches a final decision on a rise of minimum wage by 6.5 per cent in 2018, a balance move to settle a harmonization between employers and employees.

Stakeholders still fail to compromise on minimum wage increase

The debate on minimum wage increase is ongoing during the second meeting held by Viet Nam’s National Wage Council (NWC). And again, stakeholders failed to find a common ground.

To raise minimum wage in the heat

A heated debate about minimum wage increase is taking place between the government, the labor confederation representing employees, and the representatives of employers.

Is vietnam the promised land for start-up companies?

“Creative startups” is certainly a shortcut to robust economic growth for any countries. The supportive attitude for start-up companies rapidly prevails across Vietnam, as numerous policies and campaigns aiding start-up companies have been framed and implemented. However, apart from that attitude, decisive actions should be promptly taken to actually turn Vietnam into the Promised Land for start-up enterprises.

Private business faces challenge to borrow loans

With the fact that the state budget is facing many difficulties, Vietnam will be no longer receive preferential ODA funds from July 2017, foreign investors also reduce capital flows, encouraging investment from the private sector is promoted. The development of the private sector is a "survival" challenge for Vietnam in the near future.

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