Top 10 Giants in Vietnam Stock Exchange

By Mai Hanh - Aug 23, 2017 | 03:00 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe Top 10 largest companies on stock exchange include familiar giants such as Vinamilk, Sabeco, Vingroup and Vietcombank. Food & beverage and banking are the areas contributing the most names to the list with three companies in each sector.

Top 10 Giants in Vietnam Stock Exchange
By the end of June 2017, Viet Nam’s stock exchange has 714 companies listed on Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE). Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$9.5 billion

Stock price: VND148,400 per VNM share

Vinamilk is the largest dairy firm in Viet Nam. It is listed in Forbes Global 2000 List of the world’s biggest public companies. Vinamilk is also the first Vietnamese companies ever named in Forbes Asia’s Fabulous 50 List

The company was founded in 1976 and since then, it has expanded its production scale and distribution network. Vinamilk has reached more than 40 countries and generated over US$1.5 billion per year in revenue.

Vinamilk is the largest dairy firm in Viet Nam. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$6.9 billion

Stock price: VND249,800 per SAB share

Sabeco (or Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation) is Viet Nam’ s biggest brewery, and the owner of the well-known beer brand “Sai Gon”. It dominates the domestic beer market with a share of 40%.

Sabeco is among the leading state-owned enterprises to be privatized. Currently, the Vietnamese government owns 89.59% of Sabeco’s capital. However, it is planning to completely withdraw capital from Sabeco.

Sabeco is Viet Nam’s biggest brewery. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$5.9 billion

Stock price: VND37,000 per VCB share

Vietcombank (or the Commercial Joint Stock Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam) is Viet Nam’s largest bank by market capitalization. It is ranked the highest among the three Vietnamese companies listed in Forbes Global 2000. The banking giant is also one of the world’s 300 largest banking and finance corporations.

In 2016, Vietcombank’s total assets were valued US$34.67 billion and its profit before tax reached US$375 million.

Vietcombank is the largest bank in Viet Nam. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$5.1 billion

Stock price: VND60,700 per GAS share

PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Company (PV Gas) is Viet Nam’s largest listed energy firm. It dominates the gas industry of Viet Nam with its output of 10 billion m3 gas and 1.5 million tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas.

Its annual report revealed that PV Gas’ revenue as of 2016 was US$2.6 billion and profit before tax was US$405 million.

PV Gas dominates Viet Nam's gas industry. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$5 billion

Stock price: VND43,250 per VIC share

Vingroup is the largest real estate company in Viet Nam. Its business covers a wide range of properties, including houses, shopping malls, hotels, golf course, hospitals, schools and etc. The giant also expands its activities to the retail industry by launching and developing its retail chains of supermarkets and convenience stores called Vinmart and Vinmart+.

In 2016, Vingroup introduced more than 30 real estate projects across the country, and enlarged its market coverage with 32 shopping centers, 6,000 hotel rooms, and 1,000 retail stores nationwide. At the end of 2016, Vingroup announced total assets of US$7.94 billion, total equity of US$1.99 billion, and total revenue of US$2.86 billion (doubling that of 2015).

Vingroup is the largest real estate company in Viet Nam. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$3.8 billion

Stock price: VND66,300 per PLX share

Vietnam National Petroleum Group is the market leader in petroleum product distribution in Viet Nam . It holds 48-50% of the domestic market share with 2,400 retail store and 2,800 agencies.

In 2016, Petrolimex supplied 11.44 million tonnes of oil and gasoline. Its revenue reached US$5.42 billion.

Petrolimex is the market leader in petroleum distribution in Viet Nam. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$3 billion

Stock price: VND18,250 per CTG share

Vietinbank (Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade) is among the three largest banks in Viet Nam, along with Vietcombank and BIDV. It is ranked 25th in the top 100 banks in ASEAN, a list released by the leading finance and banking magazine The Banker.

Vietinbank was the only local financial institution listed in the world’s Top 400 banking brands with brand value of US$249 million and A+ brand rating by BrandFinance.

In 2016, its total assets reached US$41.76 billion and profit before tax was reported at US$377 million.

Vietinbank was listed in the world's top 400 banking brands. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$2.9 billion

Stock price: VND19,150 per BID share

BIDV (Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam) was awarded the best retail bank and the leading partner bank in Viet Nam by Asian Banker Magazine. The banking giant is listed among the Forbes Global 2000, with Vinamilk, Vietcombank and Vietinbank.

In 2016, BIDV’s total assets reached US$44.29 billion, and its profit before tax hit US$339 million.

BIDV is the best retail bank in Viet Nam. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$2.3 billion

Stock price: VND45,000 per MSN share

Masan Group Corporation is one of Viet Nam’s largest companies in private sector with its focus on F&B consumption and resources exploitation. Masan’s primary platform is its Masan Consumer Holdings, which manufacture and distribute a wide range of food and beverage products.

The company also owns and operates the polymetallic Núi Pháo Mine in northern Viet Nam, reportedly the world’ s largest identified tungsten (wolfram) mine with a reserve of 66 million tonnes.

In 2016, Masan announced US$1.89 billion in revenue, increasing by 41.4%, and US$425 million in profit before tax, rising by 44.6%.

Masan's primary business is in F&B processing. Photo: Internet


Market capitalization: US$2.2 billion

Stock price: VND33,050 per HPG share

Hoa Phat Group Joint Stock Company is one of the leading private industrial manufacturers in Viet Nam. Its business activities cover a wide range of areas including producing steel, manufacturing coke coal, providing interior furniture, producing and trading animal feed, cattle and poultry. Among them, the production of construction steel still accounts for 8-% of Hoa Phat’s total revenue and profit.

In 2016, Hoa Phat’s total revenue reached US$1.49 billion and its profit before tax valued US$339 million.

Hoa Phat's main source of revenue comes from steel. Photo: Internet