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World’s first gold-plated hotel opens door in Vietnam

World’s first gold-plated hotel opens door in Vietnam

A five-star hotel Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel, which claims to be the first property in the world clad in gold tiles, has opened.

Nearly 80 real estate enterprises are established every day

On average, every day, there are 76 real estate enterprises being established in the first six months of 2017.

House, land: Unpredictable consequences behind the "virtual fever"

The spiral of "virtual land fever" in Ho Chi Minh City is "sweeping" on a large scale. If not being cautious, citizens and investors are swept into the spiral that causes severe financial losses and unpredictable impacts on the real estate market.

City property market to change

HCM City’s real estate market in the 2017-20 period will see major changes as supply and demand will gradually adjust, stabilising and strengthening the market, according to the city’s Real Estate Association.

Vietnam set for co-working office boom: experts

With both local and international operators strongly expanding into co-working in Viet Nam, the industry is expected to develop rapidly, experts have said.

Hanoi to publish 79 apartment blocks breaking fire-safety regulations

On the report of Hanoi Fire Fighting and Prevention Police, until May 31st, 2017, there still remained 79 high-rise apartment blocks failing to meet fire-safety standards in Hanoi.

2-in-1 hometel model attracts investors

More and more hybrid real estate products have been marketed in recent years. Together with condotel and officetel, hometels are now being launched by real estate firms.

Hanoi apartment blocks fail safety standards

Nearly 80 apartment buildings in Hanoi violate fire safety regulations according to the Hanoi Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department.

Major social housing targets seem beyond reach

The national housing development strategy targets having 12.5 million square metres of social and affordable housing by 2020.

MoF issues official statement on 60 real-estate projects inspection proposal

At “Prime Minister with Enterprises” meeting conference held recently, Vietnam Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung issued the official statement about the temporary suspension and inspection of 60 real estate projects, which had previously been a controversial topic.

Hanoi: 10 more projects fail to meet fire-safety regulations

Hanoi Fire Fighting and Prevention Police in coordination with Vietnam Fire Prevention and Control, Rescue and Salvage Police Department (C66), has recently conducted fire safety inspections at 10 projects and high-rise construction sites, whose designs had previously been examined and approved by C66. The inspection was carried out on almost all the districts in Hanoi.

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