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Tokyu teams up with Danh Khoi to expand portfolio in Vietnam

Tokyu teams up with Danh Khoi to expand portfolio in Vietnam

The joint venture with Danh Khoi marks the beginning of Tokyu Corporation's strategy of segment diversification and market expansion in Vietnam.

Former CEO of Microsoft Vu Minh Tri’s education startup story at the age of 44

At the age of 44, Vu Minh Tri, former Microsoft Vietnam's country manager, surprisingly turned his direction from technology to education dream, hoping to greatly contribute to the next generation.

Ho The Son, Founder of FOCI: Half of fashion brands collapsed in the past ten years

In only a decade, 50% of fashion brands have stopped their game in the market while the rest are struggling.

Vietnam fashion industry draws precious lessons from Zara and H&M

The participation of Zara and H&M in Vietnam fashion market will provide precious lessons to the domestic fashion brands in the long run.

World Bank Expert: "Increasing minimum wage has a negative impact on the economy"

At the workshop where the results of the study on “Wages and Labor productivity in Vietnam” were published, experts share different views on this issue.

Four biggest failures in FDI attraction in Vietnam

According to Phan Huu Thang, former head of the Foreign Investment Agency, Vietnam is facing new advantages and challenges that require certain adjustments in governance of attracting and using FDI for develop economy in a sustainable way.

Nguyen Van Duc: "I oppose the officetel model"

"This officetel model has not been licensed and greatly affected the construction infrastructure as well as social infrastructure of the projects in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country in general."

Partnership Strategy - Opportunities to enhance internal strength for enterprises

Partnership strategy is an integral part of the whole business strategy, which aims at enhancing competitiveness and sustainably developing the companies.

'Strategy for sustainable development is a must to mobilize international capital'

The investors and researchers agree that the concept of sustainable development is the combination of environmental, social components and the governance mechanism of avoiding risks.

Minister of Industry and Trade: Determinedly eradicate business obstructions

The Minister of Industry and Trade would directly inspect the sub-licenses eradication to radically eliminate maximum of the current 1,216 unnecessary business conditions, making it more determined in the campaign.

Sublicense eradication: 'If the Government fails, we will lose out'

Sub-licenses have undermined the development of enterprises in particular and the whole country in general; therefore, the Government of Vietnam needs to be more determined in conducting this campaign or it has to wait for three to five years to launch another one.

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