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Draft Law on SEZs potentially remains to be put on hold

It is highly likely that the draft Law on Special Administrative-Economic Units will not be approved in the next meeting session of the National Assembly in November this year.

World Bank's Lead Economist: The biggest disadvantage of the property tax is its high administrative cost

The property tax is not only a source of the Government revenue, but also a tool that adds to improving efficiency and accountability of the government, contributing to the development of the housing market and infrastructure, according to Sebastian Eckardt, Lead Economist for the World Bank in Vietnam.

New draft law on SEZs sets forth incentives deemed better than China, South Korea and Singapore

Based on the nine criteria categories set forth in the draft law on special administrative-economic zones (SEZs), the incentives offered to Van Don, Bac Van Phong and Phu Quoc are deemed to be better than those in China, South Korea and Singapore.

Vietnamese real estate enterprises ready to fairly compete with foreign investors

The draft law on special administrative-economic zones with mechanism and policy breakthrough is attracting the attention of investors, especially foreign investors in the field of real estate.

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