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Suspended online payments through scratch cards catalyses Mobifone’s plunge

Mobifone's revenue and profit sharply decreased after this network operator had suspended online payments via scratch cards, challenging the completion of its 2018 business plan.

Sweden-based Comvik exposed interest in becoming MobiFone’s strategic partner

Chairman of Comvik has expressed the interest in becoming the strategic investor of Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services One Member Limited Liability Company in its upcoming equitization.

Deputy Minister Hoang Vinh Bao: 'Cancelling MobiFone’s contract to buy AVG is reasonable'

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Hoang Vinh Bao said that the ministry is directing Mobifone to speed up the cancellation to reclaim the money from AVG shareholders.

The Government Inspectorate announces MobiFone's wrongdoings in purchase of AVG’s shares

MobiFone’s violations and irresponsibility in the acquisition of a 95-per cent stake in Audio Visual Global JSC (AVG) may cause a serious loss of around VND7 trillion (US$308 million) to the State.

MobiFone and AVG cancel the US$391-million share transfer contract

On March 12, MobiFone Corporation (Mobifone) and Audio Visual Global JSC (AVG) signed the commitment on cancellation of the share transfer contract entered by the two firms in 2015.

State-owned companies divest from banks

The share prices of banks listed on bourse have risen sharply, having facilitated the divestment of state-owned companies.

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