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New land incentive policies in special economic zones still scratched at different thresholds

New land incentive policies in special economic zones still scratched at different thresholds

There are many updates related to land incentive policies in the latest report of the National Assembly Law Committee on revising the draft law of Special Administrative-Economic Units (SEUs).

Should FIEs provide outbound tours? Domestic travel firms say no

Some travel firms have expressed disappointment about the latest draft version of the amended Tourism Law, which removes the regulation on allowing foreign-invested enterprises to organize outbound tours.

New guidelines issued for debt trading

The Ministry of Finance has issued a circular to guide the implementation of Decree 69/2016/ND-CP on conditions for debt trading.

Child criminals top discussion on Penal Code amendments

Lawmakers spent a lot of time debating the age of responsibility for various crimes, including deliberately injuring people, rape and kidnapping when discussing amendments to the 2015 Penal Code at the ongoing third session of the 14th National Assembly (NA) yesterday.

Policies drafted to collect social insurance from foreign workers who see six-fold rise since 2004

Officials are now looking into possible ways to collect social insurance payments from all of them.

Vietnamese lawmaker worries growth obsession will foster mining-dependent economy

The government plans to maintain GDP growth this year by excavating more crude oil.

SBV responds to Enterprises' proposal to lower lending rates

In the context of increasing inflation expectation since 2016, demand for credit capital and Government's bond issuance continues to be higher and higher, while the pace of investment capital disbursement still remains low, putting pressure on credit demand.

NA to debate 13 laws, add QA time

The National Assembly’s first meeting session this year will be focused on scrutinising and voting on 13 draft laws, announced NA Deputy General-Secretary Lê Bộ Lĩnh.

Chaos at public apology to four time sentenced to death man

Chaos occurred yesterday at a public meeting of apology held by the People’s Court of Hanoi to Mr. Han Duc Long who had been imprisoned for 11 years and four times sentenced to death.

It’s time to have a law on controlling air pollution: experts

Air pollution is getting more serious in large urban areas, with pollution in the north more serious than the south.

Smuggled medical equipment worth $140,000 detected

Customs officers and police yesterday detected a batch of smuggled medical equipment worth $140,753 after many days of keeping it under observation.